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I’ve written about the power of word restrictions. Alexandra and I have done a little bit of that so far.

Morgan, the author of a gay S&M novel, More and Harder tells of verbal constraints imposed on him by one of his early masters:

During the training sessions he insisted that i refer to him as “Sir” and that i should begin and end every sentence with “Sir”.

While he was being particularly vicious he insisted that i use only very limited vocabulary - just the words “Yes”, “Please”, “Sir”, “More”, “Harder”. When he was doing something he would ask me “Is that ok slave?” and I would have to reply “Sir, More Sir” or “Sir Harder please Sir”. “Would you like tit-clips, slave?” with the reply “Sir Yes please Sir”. So it was a slave vocabulary game that’s the origin of the title “More and Harder”.

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Adjusting for the world of Female Domination and heterosexuality, here are some suggestions:

  1. She is invariably addressed as “Mistress” (not “my Mistress,” because that implies that She belongs to the slave that is speaking),

  2. The phrase most used, of course, is “Yes, Mistress;” a very close second, though, is “Thank You, Mistress” (anything that Mistress does or says is a gift to Her slave, even if it is only a few seconds of Her valuable time; when She takes the time and energy to correct or train Her slave with the whip or the cane, the slave shows gratitude for Her attention).

[NOTE: Richard is not a fan of the custom of capitalizing pronouns referring to the divine top, but it’s a habit hard to break, and some of us feel more comfortable. Thank you for your indulgence, blogmeister.]

  1. “Being Mistress means never having to say thank you (or I’m sorry either, for that matter)” If a slave does well and deserves a compliment, then She says “I am pleased” or “Well done, boy.” It is the slave that then says “Thank You, Mistress,” expressing gratitude for the privilege of serving. Similarly, She does not ask, She commands. If She has reason to soften Her orders, She says “Now you may [prepare supper, lick My toes, etc.]” It is, after all the slave’s job to do these things, not a favor to the Owner. A slave could say (a la Jeeves) “Mistress, would You like …” or “… would it please You to have Your slave [bring You —-]”

  2. If Mistress has a policy of Her slave not speaking without permission or command, She may institute a signal, such as knocking its head on the floor at Her feet, or perhaps saying a phrase such as “May it please Your grace…” [or whatever title She wishes used].

  3. If it pleases Mistress to have it so, Her slave may be required to use the neuter third person rather than the first. That is, saying, “This slave begs You to allow it to …” or “May Your slave please go to the bathroom, Mistress?” The concept is that a slave refers to itself as a thing rather than as a person, admitting its intrinsic inferiority every time it opens its mouth to speak. Then in a really tight situation, the slave can crank up the self-abnigation another notch: “Please, Mistress, this worthless dog begs Your mercy on this piece of dirt at Your sacred feet …” (to which She replies with another lash of Her whip, no doubt!).

Some fiction pieces get so complicated that it takes five minutes for a slave to seek permission to speak each sentence. This is a waste of the Owner’s precious time, in fact. But a few rules of chivalric courtesy and servile respect will help a relationship remain stable and keep both parties properly in place, top and bottom. Finally, it can only be repeated: any advice like this is only suggestion. She makes all the decisions, of course. While a slave does get the last word, that word is invariably “Yes, Mistress; thank You, Mistress.”


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