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Fingernail Torment

Sardax drawing based on short sketch of a woman torturing her lover with her fingernails.

Just Her Human Pet

One man's image of what it could be like to live as a woman's slave pet.

Sweet Cruelty

Woman teases, pinches, slaps and scratches a helplessly bound man.

Attitude Adjustment : Coda

A sequences of sketches exploring BDSM ritual male slave training and conditioning routines.

Attitude Adjustment V

D/s: a lesson in becoming a proper, true male slave and pleasing my owner.

Attitude Adjustment IV

D/S male slave conditioning with my new master, mistress, owner.

Attitude Adjustment III

D/s traing: being made to work, being fed and watered by my owner.

Attitude Adjustment II

A male slave's owner leaves him alone and locked up for the first night.

Attitude Adjustment I

Strict BDSM slave conditioning story. Part 1.

The Church of My Owner

Ritual worship of mistress or master in a D/s relationship. A ceremony where a male slave treats his owner as Goddess or God in prayer.

Slave Initiation Ritual

F/m D/s: initiating your male slave into his role for the first time.

Affectionate Torment

Bound to the bed as she lovingly teases and tortures me.

Life in the Box

Locked in a simple wooden box, I live only to clean her shoes when she offers them.

Just Her Boot Slave

Imagine being locked away. Left alone except when you are allowed to lick her boots.

Of Hygiene and Canes

She gives me a session with the canes to teach me to be clean and to take care of my health.

Testicle Tapping

A short testicle torment sketch and pointer to a discussion of safe CBT.

Striving to Please Her

An imaginary encounter of pleasing a dominant woman so that she would allow me to become her slave.

The toy game

Goddess of pain

Chastity and Crushing

What a way to wake up

A dog's life




A slave learns the proper way to address his Goddess.

Unfaithful worm


The Leg Leash

Down Memory Lane From the Future

Three days of 24/7

Naked on Roller Skates

Groin Kicking

Satanic Seductress

The Very Long Day

Running board

Smart Assed Masochist

In the back yard

Evening in the attic

Sweet suffering

Too many canes

Shoe sadism

Kick chase

Under the mattress


Anal worship

Femdom ass worship, analingus.


A little warmth

Choked and beaten

One of my truer, darker fantasies.

Attic Stairs

My Perineum


Brutal whipping fantasy

How to end a quarrel

Slave initiation

When I was Her rug

My Fashion Mistakes

She knows my needs better than I do

Fun with food

The trample platform

Finding the high note

Kneeling at the door

So many shoes

Confused and kicked

Boot spanking

Muddy boots


Story fragment with chastity as an enhancement to woman worship.

Short chains


Trampling and kicking

Human Pet?


No Collar That Night


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