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Not much, meant to be more but the phone range. You'll get the idea.

"More tongue!" she yelled happily and yanked.

When she yanked my balls were squeezed mighty tightly and my tongue went more feverishly to work.

She had on a oval seat I'd carefully cushioned and built into a stool. To be honest the seat, which came from, a hardware store normally would've gone on a toilet.

Instead it was her smothering throne.

Some nights I silently serviced her and see used the handy cord as a means to ensure that should my enthusiasm flag she could rev it back up in an instant.

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I too love ass worship but stupidly Id never thought of making my own seat. Im not that handy you see so thanks for the above inspiration and for all your great articles

I’d forgotten about this aborted sketch.

For me there is nothing more desirable - I’ll confess - than the buttocks. Any type, style, range, quality of interaction.

I have only had the pleasure of worshipping one ass. My exgirlfriend slowly brought me into it. I was the first one to worship her ass. She became very dominate after that and realized the control she had. In public she was a perfect polite lady, once in the bedroom I had my tongue in her pussy and asshole on command.

I love to be dominated by women. I love to worship asshole. i love licking inside deeeep the bumhole. If a girl piss in my mouth I will obediently drink and lick her pussy dry

There is a valid and legitimate health issue regarding the two nether holes. Bacteria native to the asshole can cause big trouble if they are transferred to the cunt. And they can be transferred by a slave’s tongue that licks Mistress’s asshole, then Her cunt. Both should be aware of this, and She should never order a slave to lick Her cunt after it has licked Her ass. If She forgets, it would be up to the slave to demur, perhaps by saying it is not worthy of the privilege.

The good news is that there is a simple solution: lick Her Cunt first, then Her asshole. Transfer in that order is no problem, apparently.

Washing the slave’s mouth out with soap and antiseptic mouthwash is not sufficient to prevent transfer from ass to cunt, but it’s not a bad idea on general principles before She allows Her slave eto touch Her with its tongue, especially if the slave has been licking Her boots recently. After all, it’s important that Mistress not be inconvenienced by infection, isn’t it?

I so desire to sniff a woman’s asshole on demand. To place my nose in her cheeks, rub it until she says stop! And then if so desired sniff softly to loudly, as she is talking on the phone, this includes each and every one of her farts followed by perhaps leisurely licking of her asshole, as she moves from the phone to get a book, proceeds to nonchalantly sit down on my face and lesiurely reads. The only catch is that this is only one small aspect of an otherwise “normal” complete intellectual and heart to heart relationship. I am not a “submissive” by nature one iota. Finding that combination is most unusual.

I love ass licking and eating ass. i love her butt on my face. She often sits on my face and rub her asshole on my face often piss in my mouth. i love humiliation. my cock is only 3.2inches when erected. so i use my tongue to satisfy my girlfriends. i love sucking cock after ass fucking her by my friend in front of her.

I love having my ass licked boyfriend bends me over and sticks his tongue as far in my ass as it feels amazing.nothing satisifys me more.its even better when he reaches around and fingers my wet wet now just thinking about it.x

it is my dream to find a woman who is dominant and would tie me down so i can not move at all, then sits on my face and forces me to lick her asshole clean or suffocate, once i get used to the taste she grabs my balls while her asshole hovering on my open mouth, and start squizing my balls while pushing a log out and shouting ’ open wide toilet boy and start eating ms i will break your balls’.

I have always fantasized about having a woman own me when we are behind closed doors. The only thing that I would be allowed to do is look at her ass hole as she sits on my face making me lick it clean richt after she takes a dump.

I love sniffing the asscrack of a big butt women. I want to spread her asshole sniff and eat her anus. If she farts I wish inhale the scent. My other favourite body part of the women is their hairy armpit. I wish to sniff and lick and lick the sweat.

When I was a kid, like 13, my babysitter made me lick her dirrtyy asshole and smell her farts

i love asshole so much and love to be all the time on my face and smell that beautiful ass

love to be dominated by women. I love to worship asshole. i love licking inside deeeep the bumhole. If a girl piss in my mouth I will obediently drink and lick her pussy .and i love suck female toe for all the time

My mistress likes to get herself and 4 of her big butted friends together for butt parties.She then makes her slave play “butt games” all night.I have to lick each of their asses and remember what each of them tastes like.I am then blindfolded.Next I have to lick each ass again,and guess who’s ass I’m licking.If I get it wrong,I have to eat that person’s turds.Fantastic fun for all!!! slave jamie

i really love women asses.i dream of a waman sitting on my face with very dirty asshole and order me to lick clean.i will lick suck any girls asshole anytime but it must be dirty and smelly as i can erk my self like crazy.

i love to be tied up helpless and have 3 or for white mistresses and one by one they sit on my face and force me to tongue fuck their assholes and fart in my mouth and gag me with their fatrs as they whip and beat my black cock and balls, then they smother me with their asses till i pass out and fart up my nose till i wake up and i am forced to sniff and eat assholes all night long

I love to lick her ass while in 69 position. and its quite wonderful to lick her ass after she has orgasmed as her vaginal fluids escape to annal hole and her ass hole becomes more delicious.. sometimes I lick her after she has peed on me and the pee drops that cling to her ass hole give me extra pleasure….

I have been eating my wife’s ass for a decade now, it is in fact my ultimate sexual activity. With time, I noticed I get far more aroused when there is a natural aroma and flavor present. I absolutely love it!! I am at that point now, where I would love to lick it clean after she has been to the bathroom. Just don’t know how to ask for it. Such a perv am I. Oh, and I never have been sick because of it.

I love to worship a lovely female bottom and have done since i was young. I love to kiss and lick my Mistress’s smooth cheeks before eating her tight little hole. When she is satified am then made to put on a strap on to her for her to do me…mmm! If I take a good hard pegging without too much fuss and moaning i am allowed to relieve myself while she stands before where i kneel and masturbate in awe of her beauty.

I love ass worship. I eat ass and swallow farts. I’ve done it before but never with a women who understands or is even aware of her own dominance over me.

I am not very masculine by nature. I have a 3 inch dick and I feel sexually inadequate in front of women. The first girlfriend I had ( I was 24) made me lick her ass daily.

All her female friends knew what was going on.

I love to lick a woman’s ass after she has been out shopping all day and her panties smell of sweat, pussy, perfume, and ass. I like to put on her panties and go out hunting for cocks. I feverishly lick ass, flicking my tongue as deep as i can. I can’t get enough!!!!!

i love ass worship very much. it was started when i was only 10 years old. evry day after my father and mother go out for work , i went our home servent’s room for licking her ass hole. now i am 19 .steel now she enjoy my mouth .

I used to lick my friend ass. She is a married woman and mother of one.her husband is not good n interested in sex.So i was always her only way of sexual relief. She has a big sexy black ass. I like to sniff n lick her ass always.she likes it a lot.While i lick her asshole she will hold her ass cheeks apart and push her ass towards my knows.She will sit on my face while watching TV or feeding her baby.She likes me sniffing her butt hole. My favorite is she out with tight jeans all day in a hot day and sniff n lick her butt hole and butt crack all night…..


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