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Her hot breath on my ear, could anything be sexier. When I turned to look she had on those lovely white stockings and frilly short dress. School girl godesss incarnate she was.

“Hey there, why don’t you come follow me.” No man could’ve refused.

She led me to the bedroom and pointed at chair, “Why don’t you see down and relax.” Sitting at my feet she reached up and caressed my crotch. “Feel good, handsome.” It felt so good all I could do was look at her mouth and wait for an invitation to drop my pants.

She got up and walked behind me. As her soft palms rubbed the back of my neck I felt every skin cell in my body flash to battle stations ready.

She licked an ear and asked, “You ready lover?” Before I could find enough voice to say yes I felt something slip around my neck. A choke collar.

She laughed as straps locked my arms and leg into place.

“I can play you any day of the week can’t I? You are one natural born sucker hoping that I am.”

She unbuttoned my shirt, unzipped my pants and pulled them down.

A rarely used ball parachute encircled my scrotum.

“Please don’t do that to me tonight.” I was fool to plead. She only laughed again.

“Why lover man, because you are man and I’m a woman? You have needs is that it? Well honey tonight you are going to get it.”

She added a couple of weights to the parachute. They barely hurt, just holding that part of me taut.

“Oh yeah, you won’t forget tonight.” Then a couple more of the little weights. Just enough to provoke a momentary whimper.

Her hands ran along my legs. I tried to sit still but my hormones betrayed me. When I moved the weights moved as well. I moaned helplessly.

“You need it don’t you, baby.” I felt like I was trapped in a bad porn movie made in hell.

“Let me help you out.”

The top of her shoe rubbed across my penis. It felt good. I relaxed, enjoying it. Silly fool. She crushed it into the wooden bottom of the chair. I couldn’t choke down the sob.

“You having as much fun as I am?” Er, no but I wasn’t fool enough to say so.

She stood in front of me slowly weaving her hips. As I recovered my eyes fastened on those hips and the belly button above. She was like a snake charmer.

“I forgot to tell you that I added a Cialis to your handful of vitamins. Makes a man long lasting they say. I want my lover man to last a long time tonight.”

From a side table she picked up a Watertenberg Pinwheel. As she gently rolled it across my chest and belly I felt more randy than ever. More so as it ran up and down my cock. Until she applied a tiny bit more pressure, then one winced merged into another. No one prick hurt that badly but cumulatively it was agonizing. Once again my mind was off in a different space, time went away and her chuckles seem to come from very far away. Then it stopped.

“What a mess and so unsanitary. You wait right there.” She was gone and back quickly. “You know I’ve read that lemon juice is a great disinfectant.” It is but I knew that wasn’t why she’d brought it.

“Plaything you are getting too noisy. What will the neighbors think?” I’d often wondered why they’d never called the police. She grabbed a dirty old sock, shoved most of it into my mouth and used a bit brace to keep me from spitting it out. The stench was almost as bad as the pain.

As drops of lemon juice dripped on me from base to glans I shut my eyes. Each little bruise left by the pinwheel seemed to burst into flame.

“Oh, what a lovely purple but I’d prefer a darker shade.” For a moment as I opened my eyes I thought I saw a pretty panther stalking her prey.

From a side table she picked up a tiny flogger.

“How does this strike you?” Normally that little flogger never felt like much but with every nerve sensitized it hurt as badly as her steel tipped whip.

“Tell you what, if you can take me you can have me. About a half an hour from now.”

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