Slave initiation

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I wanted to try to stick on a couple of my more common, basic S&M fantasies. Though this is hardly as brutal as they’ve been. I chose to make it a master since I suspect it is harsher than anything you’ve thought about.

I’d looked long and hard for a Master. Finally I found one I could accept who would accept me.

My wrists were attached to my ankles; a gag was tight in my mouth. I was naked and completely available to the man that sat on the huge chair before me.

His voice was like some earth grinding machine. Unpitying, relentless:

“You think you have what it takes to be a slave? A slave submits, asks no questions, exists only to please and serve. There are no hesitations. There is no right or wrong, a slave is a creature of its master’s will. Never anything more.”

“You will serve by being always available, as you are now. Just an object, ready to be manipulated.”

I cringed as he attached nipple clamps.

He pulled my hair back tightly.

You. Will. Obey. Always. You. Serve. You. Submit.

His hand cracked across my face with each word.

“You exist only to be used.”

He all but lifted me from the floor by my earlobes.

“I will do whatever I wish to you.”

He pinched my nose, covered my mouth and a few moments I panicked until allowed to breathe again.

“You will serve by obeying. You will serve by downing whatever degrading thing I demand. Maybe later you’ll clean my floor with my tongue while I beat you every time you miss a single particle of dust.”

He grabbed my balls and twisted them back and forth.

“I am a sadist. Above all you will submit to me in your whimpering. I’ll enjoy watching your eyes plead.”

He yanked and yanked until I thought I’d pass out.

“Normally I’d leave your gag off so I could enjoy your begging. But tonight you will listen and learn your first lessons.”

“Now to give you your first lesson in slavery. You will submit to me with your pain.”

Much to my surprise he caressed my cock, it hardened. Quickly he put on what I realized was a cock ring.

“The harder you are, the more it hurts.”

He brought out a simple ruler and began tapping the head of my penis. At first I was surprised. But as the taps continued the pain began. He sat there smiling. Every now and then the tap became a swat. I’d pull at my bonds to no use.

A pair of clamps came out. One was attached to each side of my foreskin.

“We’ve only just started. You won’t be using this anymore for anything but pissing.”

The taps made the clamps move, all of it was agonizing. Then he switched the ruler to its side. As the sharp end hit I wished the gag didn’t keep me from screaming. A short scream would’ve been a relief.

“Now you are just beginning to learn about giving yourself to another.”

The clamps came off more painfully than they went on.

Surprisingly a hairbrush was in his hand.

“Now you are ready to really entertain me. This won’t add to your injury. But I can go on for a very long time with it. That is the trick of a master. You prepare your work area. Then slowly and lingeringly you enjoy yourself.”

The bristles hurt even worse than the more brutal punishments. Gentle strokes really but the tender flesh couldn’t have tolerated the touch of a feather.

“Maybe I’ll take off your gag and let you beg for awhile. Slaves offer to do anything. But what can someone in chains promise that can’t be taken


“One day you when you’ve learned to thank me for the pain, then you’ll really be a slave.”

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