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Off to the land of clichιs.

In an entry today Alexandra mentioned initiation rituals.

Ritualistic giving myself as property to an owner was long a part of my fantasy life. There were endless variations.

With my standard caveat that I couldn’t write erotica if you did threaten to chop my balls off …

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My Initiation

The negotiation stage had ended.

Now I was coming to her home to see if my actions could match my promises and fantasies.

As I’d been told the door was unlocked.

Inside I opened the door to a closet. Inside was a trashcan. I stripped. When I opened the can it was shiny and spotless. In went my clothes. I was thankful she hadn’t used her kitchen trash receptacle for my symbolic act.

Dropping to my hands and knees I crawled through an open door, up a small flight of steps. Keeping my head down I let my eyes wander until I spotted the leather boots. Striving to not go whatever seemed to hasty or tardy I made my way to the front of those boots.

Head down I waited. Finally.

Her voice was skepticism itself. “So you did show up. And you think you have what it takes to be a slave.”

Having been warned I kept my neck bent and my mouth shut.

Our breathing aside the room remained silent for a couple of minutes.

“OK, you get your chance. But remember our deal. Once you’ve given yourself to me you’ll be mine until Monday morning or you disgust me so much I toss you out.”

I’d agreed to live as her slave for a weekend. Nervous, still I was thrilled.

“Rise up, but remain on your knees, eyes down.”

Striving to suppress my heavy breathing I sat there surprised that each heartbeat could last so long.

“Look to your left.” At my side were chains with cuffs.


I picked up the largest set. She’d emailed me my proper responses. Before I snapped the cuffs about my ankles, head never rising I said:

“This slave surrenders its body.” Click.

Her next command: “Neck.”

“This slave surrenders its heart and mind.” Another click as the collar’s lock snapped into place.

Softly she giggled, then: “This is your last chance to back out. After this you are mine for the next three days. Begging for me to let you go will only make it worse. Think about it.”

The pause was very long. Very. Finally.


Each wrist cuff clicked into place.

The sudden harsh impact as she backhanded my check was totally unexpected.

“You know why I did that?”

All I knew was that I was never to speak unless specifically invited to.

“Me neither, but it was fun.”

As I said there were many variations to this fantasy. She might give me a brutal, ruthless ‘educational’ beating. Or snap a chastity device on. Or lick her boots. Or lock me up somewhere and leave me alone for an hour to teach me my place.

This is how I imagined slave initiation rituals.


I like the new font.

I like the scenario, reminds me of another one I liked that you wrote (similar sort of initiation theme). Though somehow I don’t see this particularly as a ‘Rite’, more just the domme putting her new stranger/plaything through his paces.

Just home from work, a bit tired which means I’ll probably sound pedantic (tiredness often does that to me).

It is a rite, as in a rite of passage “ritual performed for change of status.” From free to slave.

Though it would work well enough as a ritual, i.e., something repeated each time. In my fantasies after the first time I was to put myself in bondage when I discarded my clothing before crawling to her.

But really it wasn’t much of an initiation. I was rushing, trying to get through before you finished eating.

Mostly way back when I got where I was fantasizing always within a 24/7 context. So any ‘imitation’ I might be given was very, very brutal. And rituals as such were usually at the beginning of the day: being released from a stall or cage. Morning beating, degrading meal: typically animal food and piss.

What I wrote was pretty light. It could be an every time ritual. (Though you know how skittish I am about repetition.)

If I’d been less hurried I might had more question and answer between them. She making sure he knew exactly to what he was agreeing (and that it would be rough); him saying that he did and assenting. Followed by an arbitrary act, introductory whipping and beginning training in some sort of protocol.

Or better yet taking that old story I wrote and making it - earning the right to serve - part one. Following with something about training and attitude adjustment.

Whew, there are so many ways you could go with something like this.

Given your devilish imagination you could work out something that would initiate me into protocol when we pursue that in more earnest. Not that I’d want to know anything about it in advance.

As part of the discipline training my submissive must achieve and maintain the highest levels of physical fitness. His is required to attend the toughest boot camp exercise classes and I hire a personal trainer to make him perform the Navy Seal exercise program. Very very difficlut. As part of his training he is given a sample of the Navy Seals hell week with cold water training and 24 hours of continous exercise. If he fails to perform the required exercises he will punished with even more exercise, severe spankings, more cold water treatments and made to do embarassing tasks like wearing womens clothing in pubic. He is making good progress bust still needs continous motivation with appropriate punishments.

That goes far beyond initiation.

The idea of D/s and fitness has its appeal though I think his routine would be more than I could actually handle.

Glad to see that you think an exercise program is a good discipline tool. The program that I described probably is too difficult for most men but the concept of a highly motivated instrctor driven exercise program can be adusted for any fitness level. I beleive all men need military style motivation and discipline. The Marine Corps has a very good approach and I think you and all submissives should ask you mistress to conduct your training like a drill instructor. You should begin with a physical fitness test - pullups, pushups, situps, and runnning. If you don’t meet minimum fitness standards your mistress should put you on an intensive two a day workout program.
A weekly fitness test should be done and you must show should steady improvement or face severe punmishment. Richard its time to report to your drill instructor. Hit the deck and give me 20 good Marine Corps pushups, that means perfect form and all the way down on each rep. If you cheat on any rep you have to start all over. Remember to report your progress.

I can’t imagine Alexandra getting any pleasure from acting like a military drill instructor.

If I’m wrong I’m sure she’ll let me know.

well is it really necessary for slave to be tied down

Perhaps this is where She Who Would Be Obeyed proves Her sensitivity and understanding of the male psyche and mind. Using that divine Feminine Intuition, She sets the tasks, gives the orders, establishes the expectations, that will both please Her and excite the male that has chosen to place itself at Her feet and in Her control.

If She does it right, the two (or more?!) have the stuff of Female Domination legend. If She is close, it will be the job of, guess what? Her slave to adjust enough to make it work, and for Her to pick up on the subtle change and smoothly adapt. If She’s ‘way off, She probably shouldn’t be doing this, but leave it to those who can.


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