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Erotically exciting but could fit a prisoner of war camp more than a survivable relationship.

BDSM Erotica

Fictional BDSM lusts have rarely engaged my imagination.

My Beautiful Masochist

A dream of hurting an indomitable masochist.

I Was Drunk When I Wrote This

Harsh fantasy of consensual brutal male slave dehumanization, objectification and degredation.

Contempt Play

Masochistic desires to be treated as worthless, experience fear: possibilities vs. fantasies. Humiliation is not a lifestyle choice.


And so probably ends my thoughts about extended BDSM scenarios.

Multiple Simultaneous Sadists

This bottom isn't very comfortable with the idea of serving, pleasing more than one top at at time.

Pickle Juice and Piss

A specialized version of kinky thirst scenarios.

Why Bad Things Happen to Good Masochists

More psychological sadomasochism involving isolation and neglect.

The Whipping Fantasy

For a long time this was my greatest masochistic obsession.

Isolation and Neglect

Submissive desires involving lonliness and being rendered emotionally needy.


A youthful fantasy that captures surprisingly well a then invisible desire for helplessnes and powerlessness.

The Briar Patch

An example of the painful imaginings of a young masochist.

Fantasies Flatline

Am I losing my ability to have entertaining and enjoyable kinky fantasies?


Body modification -penectomy, castration - in sadomasochistic fantasies and perhaps practice.

My Genitals are Her Trophies

Masochistic men who are lost in violent fantasies of being forced to accept castration and penectomy to please a sadistic, dominant woman.

Sick & Pererted & @#&%!!!

Some sadists do have frightening and murderous fantasy lives.

Training Fantasies Examined

Psychological basis for harsh slave conditioning fantasies in a BDSM relationship.

Ideal Female Sadist

Genuine erotic desire to inflict pain and practiced skill are the most desirable qualities in a sadistic woman.

Barbwire Bondage

A singularly painful form of confinement.

M/s Speech?

Imagining how master, mistress, slave, submissive would talk to each other in BDSM scenes and role-playing.


I'm a masochist but I've never felt inspired or aroused by the genuine suffering of victims of torture or abuse.

Last : Constructing the Perfect Fantasy

When masochistic desires push the edge of 24/7 TPE, psychological enslavement, emotional manipulation.

Yet Again: Constructing the Perfect Fantasy

Trying to cope with having masochistic desires that are physically or psychologically dangerous or impossible.

More: Constructing the Perfect Fantasy

Choosing the women to fantasize about for imaginary BDSM experiences, models, drawings and actresses.

Constructing the Perfect Fantasy

Striving to imagine hardcore but workable long-term sadomasochistic play scenarios.

Leather Stapping

Full-body beating while suspended and helpless.

My Commonplace Masochistic Fantasies

Masturbating about pain and humiliation can be entertaining. But sanity and balance require that perverted dreams not interfere with possible within actual BDSM scenes and relationships.


Trying to discern the reality of my BDSM, masochistic and slavish desires from what I really need as a submissive man who love the woman / Goddess in his life.

Kneeling and Whipped

An evening of bondage and corporal punishment at the hands of my lover.


Little spikes between your legs keep you from walking or resting.

Suffering For Her Pleasure

Living my Domme's most painful fantasy to make her happy.

Bondage Dreams

Crazy fantasies of BDSM incorporating cages, confinement, chains, the humbler and being locked in a box.

Night Thoughts

I love her but also enjoy thinking of the woman I love as a pitiless Domina.

Your Deepest Fantasy

Dominant or submissive person: what D/s act have you yet to experience that exictes you the most strongly?

Punched in the Face

Of the masochistic desire for a sadist to leave me with a black eye and busted lips.

Fantasies : Unlikely & Impossible

Examining the mental health implications of masochistic men who have extreme fantasies of sadistic treatment.

Attitude Adjustment : Coda

A sequences of sketches exploring BDSM ritual male slave training and conditioning routines.

Pin-up Dominatrices

Stereotypical and clichéd images of dominant women: the persona matters more than conventional surface beauty.

Invisible Eyes

How humbling it would be if a dominant was wearing dark glasses or a veil.

Healthy Humiliation & Degradation

My desires to be abused and humbled by her are perfectly legitimate and sane.

Sadistic Nurse

CBT was the only focus of my one and only BDSM medical fantasy.


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