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Trinity left a comment on an earlier entry about castration.

Actually there are people who do castrate themselves, in a certain subset of the body modification community. Back when I was a lot more involved, I regularly communicated with a Dutch(?) gentleman who had given himself a penectomy, and seemed quite happy with the results (from photo evidence, he was actually capable of cumming… looks very interesting oozing out of a tiny hole.)

I ran across an article about penectomy/castration/”cutters” (the back-alley people who do this for men who want it and women who want similar procedures — they exist too) as a teen and I remember one cutter talking about how he’d like to have a slave and do this to him — so that the slave’s only method of orgasm was through his Master penetrating him.

Castration sketch

The body modification community has grown hugely in recent years. I’ve never even had a tattoo. (That girl in a bikini my father had on his arm left me growing up with the feeling that tattoos were nothing more than vulgar. I was a smug child. Were I younger, who knows?)

Years ago I flipped through Modern Primitives and flinch as most any vanilla man would. No kink was in my life then, perhaps now I would see what folks had done to their bodies with fresh eyes. (NB: flinching does equal disapproving.)

Have I ever fantasized of having my phallus lopped off? Maybe - probably - there’s little that hasn’t had fifteen seconds in mind. There was a story in which a man had his removed with a blowtorch. Felt I’d never want to think about S&M again.

Castration? Yeah. But very rarely. Castration doesn’t match anything in my erotic imagination except generically. My gender, a role of the genetic dice, is fine with me. Sexual guilt is something I read about. (I’m not saying there are no other motivations: ignorance is a limitation.)

I did imagine a cruel Owner saying that they might as well be removed; I had no use for them. But that I’d retain my genitals because torturing them gave so much pleasure.

There were two mutilation - body modification - fantasies that I did entertain.

Having my tongue (more rarely vocal chords) removed to render me speechless. (Long since changed to a mysterious injection that renders me unable to talk.)

Having my hamstrings cut. I would be unable to stand and forced to crawl everywhere. (This from an Ambrose Bierce story.) But the same effect can be had more simply.

These notions were infrequent and long since gone. They failed for the same reason: irrevocable limitation. Without the tongue there is no begging, no verbal self-abasement. And there were fantasies that required standing if only to kneel.

Only two modifications have every stayed in my mind. Rings in my nipples. Rings in my foreskin. Talk about control of your most tender spots.

(Chastity related speculation: Body Modification.)

Distinctions between mutilations and body modifications are beyond my competence.

How about you?

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So I get to not cut your dick off?

Fantasies about cutting hamstrings I can’t do from the sadist’s point of view. It’s because the act of cutting that part makes me feel week and unsexy. I suppose in a wank fantasy I could imagine sending a slave off to have it done ‘professionally’.


Nipple rings are interesting. Is it me or do lots of submissive men have this? I can certainly see the appeal! I’m not sure if I’d like the aesthetics of it, mind.

I know nipple rings were popular among gay men, maybe still are. I - big surprise! - was more excited by the ones on the foreskin.

Clamps, sort of, I guess can function not unlike rings - something to pull on :)

That Goya art is HOT

The foreskin is interesting. I’m wondering what it feels like to have sex with it though?

Women like the friction of some piercings. Rings might move too much though.

Distinctions between mutilations and body modifications are beyond my competence

They’re beyond mine as well, to some degree, although I always felt that mutilation was something that “broke” a part of you somehow, whereas body modifications in my mind don’t significantly change the way the body works.

When it comes to piercings, however, I have a rather fast-and-loose opinion, because I’ve seen them heal over so often. I had my belly pierced once upon a time, as well as my tongue. Both have been removed. The tongue left no scar at all, while the belly button left a small indentation that I find rather interesting. So if you do decide to get something pierced, it might not be as permanent as you think.

Women like the friction of some piercings. Rings might move too much though.

I’ve been told that frenum barbells are good, but frenum rings will flop back and forth (think of a door knocker), which isn’t always the best feeling for either partner.

Mrs. Edge has suggested that I get some nipple rings, but we’re waiting. Not sure what we’re waiting for… until it feels less silly?

Nipple rings?

Sounds like you two are having a right good time.

Well I really liked this article since it revealed more interesting humiliation activities. I mean cutting hamstring to crawl or tongue in order not to talk. MAN this is S&M. It is hard to apply them on me as a slave, but I DEFINITELY would love to fuck a guy whose dick/balls cut, hamstrings cut and with no tongue.

Seeking a Lady interested in this sort of procedure and dickless husband, can relocate

I got onto intense nipple torture with my partner. The more I received the more I needed. Over the years it reached a point were I could no longer orgasm, or even retain an erection without nipple torture. One evening while we were making love she waived a lit cigaret over my nipples. I could feel the heat. It was a great feeling. I needed that cigaret to touch my nipple. I moved closer lifting my self up and she lifted the cigaret so it was just out of my reach. I pleaded with her to please burn my nipple. she finally agreed and touched them. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt. So began I long journey it the burning off of my nipples. It took many years, and many night of making love but we managed to completely burn off my nipples. I am no longer with her. No longer have that great pleasure, or my nipples. It was a wonderful experience, lasted about 15 years. When I look at the dark spots on my chest where my nipples used to be I feel good.

Your feelings?

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