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Smash his scrotum sac
Allered ferociously
Survived this attack
Sterile now left to bleed
Emptied in the croth
Gonads reduced to pulp
Hateful remedy
Void of sexuality

Blunt Force Castration, Corpse Cannibal

(Sample lyrics from a song I’ve never heard.)

Book Calling for Castration
Defoe’s scheme for using castration to simplify the religous and political life in 18th century England.

If you have a site devoted to power exchange and erotic sadomasochism you get some interesting comments. As enjoyable as reader responses can be some comments inspire irritation or pity: or a mix of both.


I am in a femdom relationship for years now, and have been well trained along the way. Our relationship has come to total domination by my owner. She has decided that now castration of me would help her know that I am her slave forever. She wishes testicles and penis to become her trophies and wishes to use my sack as a pouch to keep the balls and whatever. Have been totally obedient, guess it will happen eventually and soon.

You have to grant that using the scrotal sac for storage is a nice practical touch.

Funnily enough it was left on an old entry about a certain group of prigs who comment on blogs, The Femdom Police. The entry is one of a zillion notes I’ve written about priggish men who think they know the one true style of F/m interaction.

Often these hopeless comments seem to have arrived at random from the moon. In this case a remark in passing was what caught this guy’s eye:

Worried that your marriage may soon end? Castration will be advised.

Castrator device
American ingenuity never rests as illustrated by this patent drawing.

Castration Station is the stop on the Fantasy Train just before Snuff Junction. I assume these things are mostly if not exclusively fantasies presented as fact. Regardless of the topic they seem to be written by one person. Perhaps the hive mind containing the collective unconsciousness of all masochists. (Though as we learned in the case of Master Rick’s Castration Service some people really do it.)

(Castration is the removal of the testes. Having your penis chopped off is a penectomy. I’m going to stick with the former term.)

As a gesture of ultimate sacrifice, an edgy image of suffering castration makes perfect sense. As a fantasy.

As a reality it may be a sign of gender dysphoria. Even if you were able to arrange to be gelded that won’t solve the real problem.

Or sexual guilt. As long as religious fundamentalisms are a part of our culture people will grow up ashamed of their sexuality. It is your head that you’d need lopped off. Even without your genitals the conflict will continue on in your brain.

Given the diversity of human kind there must be men who would be happier castrated. But they are a tiny specialized group I think.

Erotic, Filthy, Sexy Fun for Submissive and Masochistic Men

Femdom Stories and Artwork


Female Domination and Male Slavery. 100% Femdom


No popups. Nothing to pay. I do this for fun. Think of me as a one-man F/m Tumblr site.


I get asked to do this so very often, it is not even funny anymore. It is aggravating actually.

Of course I am more fond of leaving the testicles fully intact and chopping the ole pecker off My self, penectomy. Must be the sadist in Me to keep the sexual drive area in tact, just no way to stroke and satisfy it. [MWHAHAHAHA]

Ok not to get off track, the asking to castrate was so abundant, I finally told one to get Me a Burdizzo, and he suddenly disappeared.

Sucks because I was rather looking forward to having a Burdizzo of My very own just for the sheer, I will make them shit them selves” factor. [Laughs REALLY loud]

Actually, the name of the band is Cannibal Corpse, not Corpse Cannibal…..the same band that brings us such kid-friendly songs as “meat hook sodomy”, “hammer smashed face”, “I cum blood”, and “entrails ripped from a virgin’s cunt”. (Google it if you think I’m making this up.) I doubt they’ll be doing any Disney soundtracks in the near future.

I really wonder what would possess someone to fantasize about castration or penectomy. Then again, there are probably people wondering the same about those of us with “milder” interests such as caning, getting kicked in the balls, and watersports. But at what point should others step in to prevent someone from hurting themselves or others? In other words, at what point does it stop being kinky fun and start being mental illness?

I have to confess I was just doing a cut and paste from a website.

I think many of us engaged in S&M have nutty, bizarre, crazy fantasies. It is a matter of knowing they are that and no more.

When you can’t tell the difference it probably is time to visit a therapist.

I am inclined to write this off as a male fantasy, but obviously there are women out there like that guys Mistress perpetrating the concept.

I remember when I first met chance he told me how close he was to changing his sex. And then the first time I saw him naked I took one look at his cock and told him I was glad he had decided to keep it, such a useful toy.


I’m sure there are dominants who it a compelling image of power even if they don’t plan on doing it.

I know of at least one.

Some hardcore leathermen who are into pet roles talk about it. Particularly chemical castration. Don’t have any idea how many people ever take it that far.

Actually there are people who do castrate themselves, in a certain subset of the body modification community. Back when I was a lot more involved, I regularly communicated with a Dutch(?) gentleman who had given himself a penectomy, and seemed quite happy with the results (from photo evidence, he was actually capable of cumming… looks very interesting oozing out of a tiny hole.)

I ran across an article about penectomy/castration/”cutters” (the back-alley people who do this for men who want it and women who want similar procedures — they exist too) as a teen and I remember one cutter talking about how he’d like to have a slave and do this to him — so that the slave’s only method of orgasm was through his Master penetrating him.

This inspired my fantasy life for years. Still does. Yum!

Darn, I thought I’d mentioned

Thanks both for the above and for inspiring another entry.

I know to cut off my penis is the best gift you can give your mistress when my mistress tell it time for my cock to be cut off it will be done

Am really into the thought of having my cock and/or balls cut off. Can’t think of anything more erotic than being castrated in frotn of a group of people for whatever reason. But it’s a fantasy, so it can happen over and over, and be as erotic as I want it to be. Some of my fantasies are so erotic to me I can almost cum just thinking about them.

I am a gay male in my 40’s and have an extremely strong fantasy about being totally castrated: turned into a eunuch.

I trace this back to the shame I felt when entering puberty always feeling ashamed at enjoying my self sexually.

I was a good catholic, I thought, and that shame has remained with me every since.

I have never had a boyfriend and all my sexual experiences have been with total strangers allowing them to tie me up.

One day I will probably meet a Jeffrey Dahmer type and that will be the end of me

Castration takes all the fun out of orgasm control.

If a male has nothing to surrender (he’s already lost it to the meat-cleaver) there’s no victory for the animal’s Owner.

Much better to leave the male capable of performing, but submitting to control by One that he obeys out of love, than to be unable to choose.

Consider a slave crawling on its hands and knees. It could stand up and walk, but kneels in voluntary surrender to the Owner it loves with devotion, passion and intentional obedience.

If Mistress pleases to flog Her slave, it eagerly fetches Her favourite whip for Her, prostrates itself for Her convenience, then reverently thanks Her for the privilege of serving as Her victim by kissing Her boots in gratitude.

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