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Speaking of wacky wishes I find myself often dreaming of being whacked: hit in the face.

Sadistic women beat man in face.

One of the several F/m artists named Jim. His cruel women often leave me feeling like a gooey mess to be wiped off the floor.

Now the idea of being slapped about, hit in the chest or stomach are is an old one of mine. But being punched in the face is no more than two years old.

And it is very brutal. I see someone gloating over my black eye, laughing that sexual service is only worth having when the slave’s lip is busted.

It is one of the dark places I go when I’m most tightly in the grip of my masochism.

No, I don’t plan on black eyes or busted lips. But the image does lurk within.

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I love the idea of being punched across the jaw by a female that cares for me. Two that I dated were very good at telling me a story about them beating me up and knocking me out, while punching my face with their fists. No eyes, nose or mouth for me. All body and jaw with fists and totally one-sided. A knee under the chin is also acceptable. I really want to be knocked cold for real sometime.

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