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The Romance of the Cage

Putting a man in a cage need not be a sinister form of D/s play. Thank you Lady Julia.

William Learns That He is Submissive

Femdom story: girlfriend feminizes her boyfriend, has him shave his body and uses her strap-on on him.

Germanicus Divine

S&M fiction of punishment and honor in the aftermath of the murder of Germanicus Caesar.

Second-half Blowout (Super Bowl Sunday Part 3)

A wife uses testicle torture to teach her husband to be a more loving and appreciative spouse.

Pre-Game Hype (Super Bowl Sunday Part 2)

A wife uses an electrified cock ring and nipple clamps to teach her husband respect and appreciation.

The Road to the Big Game (Super Bowl Sunday Part 1)

A woman learns how to reform her husband and save her marriage.

Young Goddess' Face Slapping Party

Rude young man's face slapped and is spanked for hours by young women to whom he has been sassy.

Let Me Share Your Opinions, Thoughts, Hopes and Dreams

Let me publish your BDSM writings, free or for promotion on my site: you can even have a link to your kink or fetish website.

The Whiphand

Wanda and Gregor's story of a cruel, dominating woman who enslaves her weak husband.

Work to Scale : 3

D/s horror story of a male engineer forced to become a baby owned by women.

Work to Scale : 2

BDSM fantasy fiction: man converted into and forced to live as baby.

Work to Scale : 1

An engineer finds himself trapped in a lifetime of slavery.

Horse Ranch Helper

Tease and denial story of a pretty young wife and her older husband.

It’s All Legal

Science fiction D/s story about human beings living as pets.

Stories By Others

Female domination fiction sent in by contributors.

2: Horse Of A Different Color

Man is made to live as a human horse and slave for the rest of his life.

1: Horse Of A Different Color

Story of a man living as a woman's permanent full-time human pet.


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