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BDSM as Religious Experience

Psychology, emotional risks of worship of the dominant and the parallel between power exchange, sadomasochism and religion.

Female Supremacy as Metaphor

In D/s you your imagination may recreate your beloved into a Goddess, a poetic perception of her.

Our Sadomasochistic Bond

The ecstatic joy of worshiping a sadistic mtf fetish creature.

Beautiful Suffering

Often it seems that discussions of erotic sadomasochistic play would profit from the vocabularies of Christology and hagiography.

Trance of Adoration

Worshipful feelings as an expression of romantic love in a D/s relationship.

The Romantic Pleasure of D/s

Call it BDSM, LFA, FLR - Dom, Domme, Slave, Pet, Submissive seek the other's happiness when the power exchange includes love and romantic passion.

Craving Less. Getting More.

D/s relationship: in taking control of my masochism I should come to more fully enjoy my desire for submission. Both are necessary to me but can be kept in just proportion.


Trying to discern the reality of my BDSM, masochistic and slavish desires from what I really need as a submissive man who love the woman / Goddess in his life.

Exploring Orgasm Denial

Exploring enforced chastity to deepen my submission to the woman that I love and worship.

Happily Needy

How good the desire to be submissive to her can feel.

Midnight Longings

On the sheer pleasure of worshipful surrender to her in my F/m relationship.

The Church of My Owner

Ritual worship of mistress or master in a D/s relationship. A ceremony where a male slave treats his owner as Goddess or God in prayer.

Note on Boot Worship

Why F/m foot, shoe, boot adoration is so joyful.

Still Striving to Learn How to Beg

A male slave seeks to offer complete submission without seeming to be a pest.

My Supreme BDSM Fantasy

Masochism in pursuit of an altered state of mind and heart. Leaving convention behind and exploring your innermost self.

Expanding the envelope . . . ?

Exploring unconditional surrender and maybe 24/7 female domination.

Human carpet

A male slave's happy night being used by his Goddess.

The Joy of Consensual Nonconsensual

Happiness in forgetting that you have a right to refuse.

Hunger, Need?

I'm hungry to please my Goddes, I need to surrender to her totally.

After Two Months

My first two months as a male slave.

Are Masochists Mentally Ill?

The joy and beauty of being a male masochist.

Masochist's Envy

When Female/male D/s takes a masochistic male to ecstatic surrender.

Focusing on Pleasing Her

On striving to remember that my role as a male slave should is to please my owner.

Bondage and voluntary slavery

On a slave's emotional need for physical bondage.

Cruel Laughter

This slave feels great joy when his owner laughs at him.

Needing to Obey

This slave needs to obey and please his owner.

Boot Worship

On licking and worshiping my owner's boots.

Discovering slave space

My owner's psychological violation of me gives me great ecstasy.



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