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When acting as Alexandra's slave I spent more time licking her boots than anything else.

Despite my many years of dreaming of boot worship I had no idea I'd find it so fulfilling. When my tongue caresses the leather it is as if it were what I was born to do.

When I'm on my back licking the soles and my tongue pulls something gritty into my mouth I sometimes wish her boots would never come clean. I regret we haven't had time for her to walk somewhere muddy before having me clean them.

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Thanks Ma`am!

“Tim” is right on. The imagined effect is what counts — as someone once commented, the brain is the greatest sexual organ we have.

Clean “special” shoes or boots (they can be kept disinfected) and a washed section of linoleum floor as just what is needed to create the effect, without the infection. Hint: a little bit of olive oil on the boots, soles and uppers, makes the licking less troublesome, while keeping the leather prorperly shiny.

By the way, as generations of cocksuckers have proven, there is sno negat8ive health effect from swallowing semen, per se. Try this suggested scene: Mistress compels Her male slave animal to masturbate while kneeling at Her feet (with a riding crorp for encouragement). This is no pleasure: the slave must cum on command, and suffer in the process. To make it fun, She tells Her slave “not” to cum, but forces it to jerk off faster and faster. Soon, it ejaculates on Her boots; She whips the slave for disobeying Her commond not to cum. Then, with Her whip enforcing obedience, the slave licks every drop of the sperm from Her boots, while She gloats and laughs. The psychological fact is that as soon as a male cums, but not inside a wowman, all the fun stops at once. Now, when She forces the male to slurp up the cum, it is onerous and not fun at all — believe me, he suffers! At this point, true submission really happens. (If possible, She should have the slave’s wrists handcuffed [in front of him] while he is pulling at his cock, then order him to stretch his arms out in a worship position. She steps on the handcuff chain, imprisoning Her slave so than it cannot run aaway in disgust. Her whip then enforces the bootlicking until She is satisfied that every drop is cleaned. (Then, of course, She may command him to kneel up, so She can wipe the last drops from the tip of Her slave’s cock with Her toe, and have him lick that clean, too, before kissing Her boots in final thanks for being allowed to entertain Her.)



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