Kinky Superman


The first time I saw an illustration by Eric Stanton I was disgusted and baffled.

Disgusted because the theme was women beating up other women for the entertainment of men. Catfights are so far from being my kink that they even evoke a slight spasm of puritan distaste.

Shocked because it appeared to be the work of Steve Ditko. Ditko was the original artist of Spiderman and Doctor Strange. To someone of my age and tastes Steve Ditko is a legend. The kinky comic book was so unexpected. The more so since Ditko in later years would produce a series of bizarrely hyper-moralistic small press comics.

Eventually I learned that Stanton and Ditko shared a studio for a time. I’ve never seen an elucidation of their working relationship.

This morning I was stunned to discover this book:

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Thelma Twittle


The guy on the leash is Woozy Winks, Plastic Man’s sidekick. The artist is Jack Cole, one of the historic greats of humor cartooning.

Woozy on a leash.

Splash page of “Thelma Twittle, Super-Charmer,” Police Comics #49, 1045. © &trade DC Comics, Inc.

Popular Culture


I can’t remember if I ever mentioned this site here before or not. For quite a long while it languished with maybe ten entries. Lately I’ve been adding new stuff often.

Fetish Pop Culture

This is one of my older sites. But I zapped it, parked it with hopes of selling it. But I never made the effort to do the last. So I thought - what the heck - and brought it back. This is strictly the homosexual, homophile, homoerotic side of my brain. Nothing for the merely heterosexual male.

Queer Pop Culture

I disavow this site.

The contents of the above are the outcomes of inflamed whims.

Role of the Dominant Female in American Society

Gender Follies

Innocents Beware!

I thought I’d seen all of these things.

Role of the Dominant Female in American Society

Let the innocent beware! The dominant female may be anywhere, anyone and you can’t tell until it’s too late! -
Role of the Dominant Female in American Society

Herman K. Wolff’s Role of the Dominant Female in American Society was published by Holloway House in 1966. Holloway House was a pretty sleazy publisher. Wolff himself appears to have been a lowbrow hack, writer of a sex manual and junk magazine articles.

My first thought was that it might be some sort of female supremacist polemic. (Female biological superiority was a TV talk show topic sometime in the late 60s is my very dim recollection). My second was that it was anti-feminist.

Reading through the lines of what little there is online my final guess is that it is a very early mass market - and probably very bad - book on what has since come to be called Femdom.

Mad Lust

My Inner Life

The whole punching bag thing brought this to my mind after many years.

In terms of what some of the women who visit here think about it is a mild thing. When I found myself dreaming about kidnapping and subjecting him to behavior modification - and this wasn’t BDSM - I was startled by a product of my own mine. Hence, I call it My Dark Fantasy.

Human Punching Bag

My Inner Life

Violent Stories of Sadistic Passion

His lips were bloody, the areas around his eyes were already blackening. His head had made a good punching bag.

It was the work of moments to come to climax and ejaculate into his face.

Pissing in his hair was a nice last touch before I - leaving him bound there - went off to bed.

Unamazingly that never happened.

I’d been sitting on my couch thinking about Saint Paul (he being my idea of one of the most evil men in history he comes to my mind almost as often as a Baptist preacher’s). The scenario above came out of nowhere and left me in something of a daze.

Had I been fantasizing about being the human punching bag I’d not given it a second’s thought. I’ve at times had a very ‘sick’ fantasy life. My saving grace is that I know the difference.

I’m normally very squeamish about the idea of other people being hurt. Even people I despise (Alberto Gonzales’s current sense of victimization being an exception).

The mind is a foolish thing.

Really Real Slavery

Emotional Health

I ran across a website that claimed to have an unbreakable slave contract. For all my digging I never could locate the amazing document. No surprise. Under US law even you can’t give away or sell your civil rights. (No comments about my countries silly wicked government.)

Real slave labor.

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Preposterous CBT VIII : Duct Tape


(Been over a year since I added to this series.)

Perevertible duct tape
This makes me think of Myles.

I was in a half doze enjoying the sort of desultory masochistic daydreams people like me are blessed with. Why had I never seen it. A preposterous forum claim or advert for a pay site. Duct tape used for penis torture!

It was so easy to picture a sturdy phallus encircled with the silver tape. Add tiny bits of plastic with sharp edges of maybe just sand - the macho masochist may want ground glass - and he certainly won’t want to masturbate. What a cheap chastity device.

Or put a little itching powder or poison ivy on the inside of the tape. Imagine the hilarity as he struggles to remove the tape only to give up in the face of the painful grip of the adhesive.

I was envisioning a circumcised penis. When I thought of my own uncut one and how fragile my foreskin is compared to duct tape my manhood wanted to run away and hide.

Caveat (sigh): If you are foolish enough to wrap your cock in duct tape you’ll need some sort of solvent to remove it. Given the nature of the surface of the penis not only will this hurt more than you can tolerate, you’ll probably wind up in the Emergency Room.

Now, I really feel like I’m back.

Howdy Y'all

Emotional Health


I can’t believe that I stopped blogging for four months. Actually I was hardly online at all and then mostly visiting Hulu or Netflix.

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Asian Women Seek Groveling White Men


Unexpected offering from CNN:

asian femdom dominatrix cnn t-shirt

The link on CNN for the t-shirt specifically states white men.

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